Sunday, August 31, 2008

Atlanta Rising From the Phoenix

Yesterday we went to Atlanta.

Years, ago, BK, we went to Atlanta often – as a matter fact, daily, we both worked in Atlanta.

Now, many years later Atlanta has changed and we have to. I think there is a movie, and if not, there should have been, called “MA & PA KETTLE GO TO NEW YORK”. That could be us.

Or, when Tarzan went to London; or think of King Kong in New York tearing down subways and letting out mighty growls at the things he didn’t understand. That’s us!

Seriously one of the things I would have let out a mighty growl at if it concerned me and that was parking. We rode down Northside Drive, near the Georgia Dome, which was about to host a football game between Clemson and Alabama…and up and down the street for blocks were people holding up signs saying PARKING $50 and PARKING $60. That is a high price to rent a 5 by 12 piece of land or pavement for a few hours. Outrageous! Greed!

It seemed the graffiti art was coving old buildings, some houses, and a lot around MARTA (rapid transit) structures.

Many things were covered in graffiti. Although, I thought most of the graffiti pieces were artistically good – still the bottom line is that it is damaging or defacing somebody else’s property.

We had lunch at Fox Brothers Barbecue on Dekalb Avenue, which is known for their quality cooked pulled pork. I thought the meat was delicious. And I thought the Brunswick stew was delicious. They boast on their website about their mouth watering homemade tater tots. They were a disappointment. The many signs hanging were interesting as well as the many types of people hanging out with one thing in common: Good BBQ.

They piled so much meat on our plates we had enough left over to carry home for dinner.

We told the waitress “No.” when she asked what I think is the most common question asked by waitresses at barbecue eateries: “Did you save enough room for some banana pudding?”

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Blogger deborah wilson said...

Atlanta, with the one-way streets, road construction, blocked-off interstate ramps, endless detours, and killer bumper-to-bumper traffic, is a total nightmare. Mom had business to do on North Ave. a few weeks ago and we were almost insane before we got outta there. Driving to downtown Atlanta is no longer enjoyable - I only go there when I have to.

10:32 AM  
Blogger ET said...


That is us too, most of the time, only going to Atlanta when we have to, but this time was an exception, we really didn't have to go - unless you can say trying out a new bbq joint you read about is a must.

10:51 AM  
Blogger deborah wilson said...

ha -

Well.....we did have a little bit of fun - I'm planning on posting it around...Wednesday.

7:14 PM  

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