Sunday, August 10, 2008

Different Set of Standards

It is interesting to see what a high set of standards people set for their adversaries and opponents then look the other way when their cronies do worse.

For instance we have a man in our neighborhood that I have mentioned more than once that has been to prison a few times and he appears to always be doing something underhanded or not up to snuff.

However, on some things maybe he just appears to be doing worse but isn’t. Just about every summer we have drought conditions here in Georgia and burning is banned. The person I am talking about burns anyway. He burns openly, so I wonder if he is even aware of the law.

The neighbors don’t like it and say they are afraid he is going to burn down the neighborhood and the nerve of him openly breaking the law like that.

And yet other men in our neighborhood who are more in the clique burn too, but burn at night so no one can see the smoke. The same neighbors laugh and chuckle about how clever the burners are to wait until after dark so the fire and police officials cannot see a cloud of smoke.

I heard on the news this weekend. John Edwards admitted having an affair in 2006. The lady he had an affair with has a baby and there is speculation whether the child is his or not. When asked, he said absolutely not, he loves his wife. So, if he loves his wife, how could it be his child?

Hmmmm… something doesn’t make sense. He already admitted having the affair. He offers as proof the reason it cannot be his child is because he loves his wife and has loved her for over 30 years. I’m confused… does non-love sex sterilize one?

Anyway, what I was getting at – a few years now it has the Republicans getting caught in sex-scandals… playing footsies in airport men’s restroom stalls; trying to meet up with young male pages; regular heterosexual affairs and so on. Here the Republicans set their own double standards, because they always claim to have a franchise on the pro-family values.

But now the Democrats proved they can do a little hanky-panky and be two-face with family values too! Not only is there John Edwards, but there was Bill Clinton, JFK, FDR – four Democrats that I know couldn’t keep it in their pants – and I am sure there are more Republican and Democrat lovers in the House and Senate.

Honesty is another thing the Republicans have claimed the only franchise on. What is the name of the Republican Senator from Alaska that has just been indicted? There are not only crooked money-under-the-table Republicans there are also crooked money-under-the-table Democrats.

I just find it interesting that each party holds such higher standards than even themselves for the other party to live by. That must be the ultimate complement.

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Blogger MichaelBains said...

I love that pic.

does non-love sex sterilize one?

Hmmm... Maybe that explains... No. No. Nevermind...

3:34 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Never mind?


3:49 PM  
Blogger deborah wilson said...

I don't believe a word John Edwards says....but this just goes to show that one's political party doesn't make them immune from doing immoral things.

Given that America's divorce rate is almost 50%, one can conclude that it is not only the politicians and/or the elite who are bed-hopping and/or have roving eyes.

Not that infidelity is the only cause of divorce, but it paints a picture.

Some folks will probably laugh when they read this, but O well - IMHP cheating is flat-out treason against your spouse - it puts the 'scum' in 'scummy' - or better yet - 'scumbag'.

6:49 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Wow! Get'em!

2:29 AM  

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