Monday, August 18, 2008

Charge Your Tax to your Gov’t CC?

It is not acceptable for a civilian Federal Employee, to be to cheat on his expense report. It is a sure way to go straight to Hell, just ask any anti-Federal Bureaucrat person. But with the Military personnel, it may be acceptable – or maybe ignored.

In 2002 the Congressional General Accounting Office found that at least 200 Army personnel spent $38,000 on personal expenses using Defense Department-issued credit cards, well, the news just sort faded.*

According to the report many of the charges were made at strip clubs near military installations, also mortgage payments, race track betting, Internet gambling, racetrack betting, and even memorabilia from Graceland were at tax payers’ expense.*

Well, I often said, we can’t thank our military enough. Apparently, at least 200 of them agree.

*source – Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Page-A-Day Calendar, July 12, 2008

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