Friday, August 29, 2008


Sharyn McCrumb’s latest book Once Around the Track is a book about – you would never guess – NASCAR Racing.

It is about a humble good looking auto racer named Badger from a small town in north Georgia and his comeback – sort of. How did he make a comeback? He was affordable.

It is also about an all girl pit-crew team.

Sharyn McCrumb did a lot of research on NASCAR racing on this book and her previous book St. Dale. All through both books she pumps the reader full of NASCAR statistics and facts.

Also in both books she throws in believable characters, mostly of southern heritage, like herself.

Once Around the Track is a good book…. It has one long term romance in it that is mostly in the background and took a backseat to an old fashion teenage-style love-crush.
The book tells how organized the racers are – not so much them, but their backers, the pit crew, the owners, the sponsors

It also explains that owners and sponsors are heartless when it comes to business… like “nothing personal” … but it also tells the value of fans with big hearts. Sharyn did an excellent job creating a group of people to interact. I got emotional more than once.
But I get emotional watching reruns of Beverly Hillbillies, so take that for what it is worth.

During her writing career Sharyn McCrumb has been on several kicks. First a female murder mystery solver, who seemed to always fall innocently into a murder plot, the second kick, was the female detective went to England. The next kick was a sheriff in a low populated Tennessee county with a staff of two, sometimes three. And now she is on the NASCAR kick.

Good book.



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