Sunday, March 18, 2007

We Want Slopes Barbecue Back!!

I met Anna and her mother at Slopes Barbecue in Woodstock. They had been to a wedding shower and the plan was to meet and have dinner at Slopes, a place we have probably went on the average of once a month for the past four or five years. We drove up about the same time. Slopes Barbecue was closed. A sign was on the window they were very sorry, but they were now closed for good. Oh no! Another change in our lives!

We were stumped as to where to go eat then. I said it was not our last meal we did not have to put so much thought into it. We should have. We went to Captain D’s.

Captain D’s was messy, the help disorganized, and the food lousy. Two of our foods were served maybe five or ten minutes before the final plate was served. Two of the people that worked there argued in front of every one about the regular coffee and the decaffeinated coffee…. One of the them have been switching them. They just didn’t know any better.

We want Slopes back!

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Blogger Steve said...

I hate it when I go to a place for a long time and then they suddenly close. This happened to me when I was in Jackson ages ago. I had a place i went to where they served a wicked beans and rice and jubalaya type thing. I went there and found the place gone.

Also, I start getting crazy thoughts in my head. Did it close down because of health reasons? Whats the deal.....I start thinking.....

3:59 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Yeah, I hate to see a place too, that we get to know the people there and all... and know what to ask for.
(not to mention - we have their card with 4 punches in it and one more we would have gotten a free meal).
I don't think it was for health reasons they closed. I think, with Woodstock quickly transforming into a Yuppietown, it just wasn't sleek and modern looking as their franchised competitors. The last few times we were there, only a few people were there.

9:04 AM  

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