Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring Forward for Forward Critters

Have you leaped forward? You got your clocks, watches, recording devices, and whatever else upped one hour? Good for you!

Now, I think, some of your electronic things, like recording devices and computers you will have to go back in a few weeks and fall backwards one hour. When the old programmed daylight savings time and date arrives these gadgets should leap forward another hour. Then, we will have to correct it. Thanks congress for confusing things life even more.

I suppose it is for the best… to make hay in the sunshine so to speak. To squeeze more workable hours in the day.

I remember when I was a time keeper for the post office every time change there were many people late. Some were one hour late and some were two hours late (they set their time pieces the opposite way).

As I typed the above an aggressive squirrel had just made the most of daylight savings time slogan of "Leap Forward". I mentioned in a previous blog I now have a bird feeder on a den window that by logic only birds should be able to get to. It is two floors up, with no first floor below. In order to get to the feeder a squirrel would have to "leap forward" in the air from our deck to a window ledge then jump to another window ledge then another one then he will be where at his target point. And the sunflower seed is already shelled for the little rodent bastard.

I heard a noise and not knowing what it was continued to type. Then it occurred to me. A squirrel had made that leap. I jumped up and ran into the den and just as I was hoping not, greedy smart squirrel was enjoying himself on those shelled sunflower seeds. I knocked on the window and made a face at him and he leaped to the ground and scampered off. I am hoping I will see him limping around with his arm in a sling or leg in a cast or using crutches or something. But I know he will be back.

I think I am going to add spice to the seed. Hot peppers! The experts say the birds can’t taste it but the squirrels can’t stand the spicy seeds. I’ll show the little self-centered fur-ball!

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