Thursday, March 15, 2007

Granny Foster

This is Anna’s grandmother Irene. She was born in Milton County* in 1895 and died in 1991 at age 95. She married Paul. Paul was a Singer Sewing Machine Salesman and repairman.

Paul died at the young age of 40, leaving Irene, age 39, to care for their four children. She worked in various ways to raise her children. Irene was a practical nurse, cared for children, and even picked up her husband’s tools and repaired Singer Sewing Machines. She made house calls.

They rented. During school year months she always found them a place to rent in downtown Marietta. In the summer months she would rent a place for her family out in the country so they could grow a big garden. Many times as we ride by an old house Irene’s daughter Marie (Anna’s mother) would say they used to live there, spots all over Marietta in and out of the city limits.

She got her children through hard times of the Depression and all four grew up and to be successful in their own fields of work, but frugal.

*Milton County is no more. It was absorbed by north Fulton, south Forsyth, and east Cherokee Counties.

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