Sunday, March 25, 2007

Our Neighborhood

Yesterday morning the day looked so nice I went on a bike ride.

The bulldozer is a typical vehicle around here these days. They are scraping away two whole blocks and putting in fancier houses just four blocks away.

And these McMansions are just a block away on the same street we live on. I hope these people in these houses don't feel intimidated by our one level ranch style houses - hey! We have a double carport!

See my shadow? Remember the radio series and the paperback series The Shadow? "Only The Shadow knows HAHAHAHAHA!!!!" The Shadow was able to cloud men's minds and slip around among them as if he was invisible and hear their devious plots or anything else they wanted to talk about.

It just occurred to me, and this picture and me being invisible proves it, I am The Shawdow!!!! HAHAHAH HA HA HA


Blogger kenju said...

Uh......I don't think so! LOL I used to listen to the Shadow on our old console radio, lying on the floor beside the fireplace, while eating popcorn. I think you were too young to be him then...LOL

6:45 AM  
Blogger ET said...

But I know what "Evil Lurks In the Hearts of men."

7:36 AM  

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