Friday, March 16, 2007

James Leslie "Pepper" Martin

James “Pepper” Martin of Marietta died Tuesday. He was age 84.

I did not realize it until I read his obituary this morning that we are possibly related. His mother was Annie Kuykendall. In my genealogy records I have Annie Kuykendall the daughter of Abraham and Martha Walker Kuykendall. Annie living dates were 1900 to 1961, so her dates would probably fit as the same as Pepper's mother would fit.

Pepper co-coached the Little League team I was on (Southern Discount) for two years with Romeo Hudgins.

Pepper seemed to be laid back, casual and soft spoken. He seemed happy to be in the background and let Romeo do all the shouting and threatening to fight aggressive parents and in general be the loudmouth of the team.

Pepper was also the sports announcer, aka “Voice of the Devils” for the Marietta High Football games for a many years on WFOM-AM radio.

Pepper also had a musical radio program on WFOM that he played mellow instrumentals. I think the name of that was “Candlelight Music With Pepper” or something similar. He also worked for Lockheed Aircraft.

His son was my son Rocky’s music director in the Sprayberry Band. Marietta is a small town among the natives.

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