Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Economic God

Yesterday someone I know received a nice bonus. Before the bonus had a chance to be spent or invested he had car trouble, which took big chunk of the bonus.

When I heard this it remind me of one time I received an unexpected check from our insurance company for $200. The letter that came with the check explained they had been charging the wrong rate for so many months so they were reimbursing us the amount we overpaid. Overjoyed by receiving an good lump of money when our family was young and struggling, that unexpected $200 was very welcomed, yes indeed. I got filled out my deposit slip, got into the car to go to the bank to deposit it. The car would not start, or if it did start, it didn’t say running long, I forgot, it has been so long. The water pump was kaplunked. I had to have the car towed away to a garage to be repaired. Total cost = $230. My dumbfoundedness = priceless!

Then I started noticing other people as well as ourselves. Just about every time us or our friends came into some money something would happen that it went out just as quickly as it came in.

Then, I decided, high up overlooking us people trying to scratch out a living, there must be a Economic God. He/She doesn’t want us little people get too carried away with any riches we might come across because we wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway except buy a outlandish house and decorate it in a gaudy fashion and do some crazy things.

The Economic God has devised a way to keep us at the bottom of the economic scale – after all, who is going to sweet the floors and do the other dirty work? And of course, the same system makes it easier for the rich to get richer … after all, the rich know to do wise things with their money, like buy Mercedes 3 or 4 homes, eat fine foods and drink nice expensive wine.

The tax cut for the wealthy is all part of the Economic God’s Master Plan.

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