Saturday, March 31, 2007

Indian Dance

While pursuing genealogy documenting facts, such as deeds and birth and death dates are most of the time relatively easy to do. Remembering to record your documents is not always easy to do. Well, it is easy to do, if you start off well organized and preached to how important documentation is. But is my case, I just wanted to leave my sons with their heritage, so when I first started genealogy research in the mid 1970s I had things coming at me from all directions – documentation was the least thing on my mind. Now, I am trying to go back decades and find out where I got such information.

Genealogy hunting become even more interesting adds when you come across a scandal or just some funny or sad family story. Some of these stories can’t be documented but should you include them in your genealogy compilations. Family researchers differ on this, but my instinct is that if it adds a some spice and juice and there is a good chance it is true go for it. It will make interesting reading – but ethically, I think it is should be noted that the story is not documented.

I received this email the other day, which I would consider undocumented as is, but juicy enough to include it (the funny juicy part is in bold):

Before I leave this family I wanted to send you these census records
On Caswell G Trammell as I have picked up three more children for him
And Nancy Wofford Trammell.

Tallulah H Trammell b 1851
William H Trammell b 1852
Ada S "Addie" Trammell b 1855. Ada Trammell married Nathaniel Wofford in
And she died in 1881. He was the son of William Benton Wofford and Rachel
William had been married prior to Rachel. "Rachel did not like William
Benton Wofford's first wife. She threatened to dance on her grave and she did.
Rachel Was a full Blooded Indian.
This was on the internet so thought you would find it Interesting. Rachel married William Wofford 2 months after the first wife died.

I am sending the Obit of Ada Trammell Wofford as it states that she was the Daughter of C G Trammell.

Talk later,

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