Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's All About Me

Today was one of those days I hit the floor running. Well, maybe just walking to the coffee pot and then I sat in a stupor until the coffee kicked in – then the action started.

After Anna left for work I walked about 45 minutes and ran 18 minutes. It was great morning for it. It was a nice 50º with a slight breeze.

Then I cleaned up and put on my banker’s suit (I wore clean underwear). I also did not wear my ball cap. I noticed at one of the credit unions I go to there is a sign in the lobby to please remove your sun glasses and hats or caps before transacting business. That is so the monitor can get a better look at you.

Last week Anna and I both ordered glasses that is supposed to change to a darker shade if exposed to a well-lit situation. If you go out in the sun the glasses should turn dark and when you come inside they should lighten up. They haven’t came yet, but what if mine does just the reverse than it is suppose to in the bank. Are they going to wrestle me to the ground because my prescription glasses didn’t work?

My bank trip was to visit two credit unions we belong to and compare their interest rates on their Roth IRA CDs. And the winner would get my Roth IRA business for this year… well, actually last year, I am contributing to last year’s Roth IRA and have until April the 15th, but thought I better get it out of the way.

The second credit union paid 1% more than the first one. Duh! I picked the second one. The teller gave me some forms to fill out, so I went over to a table and filled them out. One of the blanks sort of stumped me. It said “Consent of Spouse and signature”. So, I left it blank.

I went back to the window. There were a row of about six tellers and this time a different one told me to step to her window. She told me my wife had to sign there. I looked confused, I said, “Really?” and in her authoritative firm voice she said, “Really.”

I thought I would carry the form home and get Anna to sign it and return the next day – about ten miles from home = 20 miles round trip.

I dropped by the library to drop off some books and some lady with a double carriage with a baby in each one, and three stair step children tagged along behind her, the first one holding the back of her pants and the next one smaller was holding on to the his sibling, and a little one, slightly older than a toddler was loose like the tip of a whip. I wish I had my camera.

After I left the library and walking back to the car, I thought why not call Anna and ask her to meet me outside where she works and get the form signed. I called and it worked out. It was lunch time, so I bought us some sandwiches and we ate at a cement table in the shade in her park-like office park.

I went back to the credit union and this time a third teller told me to come up. I told her if this keeps us I would get to meet all them before the day was over. She nodded but didn’t burst into giggles or anything.

She told me, “Just so you will know” she said, she was going to deposit the check I wrote her and put it into my savings and tomorrow the main office will take the money out of my savings and put it into the 2006 Roth IRA. I said, “Like rob Peter to pay Paul.” She nodded, without giggling.

I could say that I had already robbed Peter because the check I wrote her was our checking account with the other credit union, but I didn’t…. I didn’t want to hit her too much with my wit, she might not could have taken it.

Today is Wednesday and senior discount day at Krogers and Publix. Publix was more on the way home, I decided to go to Publix for a change.

There is a carry-out-little-man at this Publix that is challenged. After you talk to him a few minutes you realize he is challenged. He is always very nice and polite and it seems mostly talks about himself…. Like the whole world is waiting to hear the latest about how he hurt his arm, or how far he has to ride his bike to work, or about helping his father do something…. It is always about him….. doesn’t he know, IT is all about me? Hasn’t he read my blog?

The last time I was at that Publix when I was in the parking lot going back to my car I overheard a young man chew the challenged person out. He was so embarrassed he just looked down while the man fussed at him. The only thing I heard was, “First of all, you don’t tell me what I need to do!!! Understand?” I was afraid the challenged person would quit out of embarrassment or even get fired. I was glad to see he was still there.

Then, at home and the groceries unloaded I tried again to get my prescription renewed or represcribed. My prescription for one of my heart medicines is about to run out. I have about 23 more pills. When you consider that I do mine by Blue Cross mail order the time is closing in. Once I get the prescription I have to mail it to BC/BS and they in turn have to mail it back. I went a week ago to the doctor’s office and asked to speak to the nurse but the receptionist took all the information and said the nurse would gladly mail me a new prescription. That was a week ago. So, today, when I checked on the mail and it wasn’t there I tried calling the nurse only to get her voice mail, so I left a message, which I doubt if she will respond, she never has before. Maybe the nurse is doing a state-of-the-art stress test on me.

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Blogger 175808148 said...

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12:43 PM  
Blogger kenju said...

Wow, you did have a full day!

5:55 PM  
Blogger ET said...

I don't see how anybody who works a job can ever any thing done - but then I did, with a little bit of organization.

6:12 PM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

That teller may not have been amused by your bons mots, but I certainly was. I am chuckling away.

12:42 PM  
Blogger ET said...

I thought you were on the road?

2:50 PM  
Blogger MichaelBains said...

That was perhaps the Best opening paragraph I've ever read on a blog!

I'm with Suzanne, Ed. Always enjoy your stuff, but this one was especially good.

Sounds like yer in pretty good shape but still, good luck w/ those 'scription glasses at the Bank!

3:33 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Aaawww pshaw! Thank you!

4:17 AM  

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