Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Men With Tools

Yesterday I was standing in line at a tool store.  I was there to purchase a wheelbarrow wheel.   The cashier's station was the closest to the outside door.  When it came my  time I put the wheel on the counter.  She took her scan gun and was about to aim it at the bar code when the front door opened and in walked a tall person.  The person was so tall had to how the head to it would not hit the top from of the door.  The person had on a black dress, black stockings, and a fashionable pocketbook.

The person had masculine features.

He/She took one look in the room with a lot of people with tools in their hands and turned around and left.
I'm not sure someone was with the person or not.
The cashier looked at me and her eyes doubled focused.  There was a glint of a smile on her fade briefly.

She got back to work and asked me if I wanted  to receive their newsletter and scanned the wheel.


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