Sunday, April 24, 2016

Blue Lights Galore!

Last night about 10:00 I took Willow out for a short walk and bathroom time. There were two or three cars parked alongside our neighbors' hedges and a bunch of young people in their late teens or early 20s standing around talking. They got quiet when we walked by them, and by body sounds of either shoes or clothes I sensed one of them was about to approach me and have words for messing up their social time together. I kept on walking, not looking back, then I returned home by going through my neighbors yard to avoid them. Inside I told Anna and Anna called Glenda and Terry, the owners of the hedge the young people were hanging around. Glenda called the police'

Two police cars showed up with their blue lights flashing, then two more.. I think the cops struck a gold mind in illegal activities. We saw from our window that they had at least one in handccuffs and searched him and put him into a squad car. And they searched the other cars. They called for a big wrecker or car transporter and one or two cars was put on it. They stayed there questioning the youths for over an hour and finally three police cars dispersed which left two or three youths standing by a truck and one police car left with their lights on them. They got into the truck and I think the police car followed them away.

Nosy old fart, aren't I?


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