Monday, April 11, 2016

Genealogy American History

On the genealogy program WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? last night did the heritage of TV star Scott Foley.
Interesting, one of his ancestors was in George Washington's "Life Guards".  I thought life guards were people that hung around swimming pools with little red cross patches on their bathing suits that would jump in and save you if the need came up. 
But in the Revolutionary War Life Guards were about 50 elite soldiers who had proven themselves and their primary duty was to protect the Continental Army General, namely George Washington.  I did not know there was such a unit.

They got about 100 of the top soldiers together and George himself picked slightly over half to be his Life Guards.

The requirements to be considered to the Life Guard Unit:  Obedient, combat ready, good physical shape, handsome, and height 5'10".

Those last two requirements are strange.  Did George Washington want to be surrounded by 50 handsome men?  And why be 5'10"  tall?   I think I know that one.  George Washington was 6'2".  Four inches taller would make him about a head taller than the people around him.  He wanted to be seen and recognized.

Also on up the same family line of Scott Foley, I think it was his eight time great grandfather in Massachusetts was suspected of being a witch.  He confessed he was a witch.  Then later, said he was lying, he was not a witch... which got him out of any burning at the stake they might have had in mind.  Smart move. 

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