Friday, April 29, 2016

G C BBQ with C?

This lady is the wife of one of the owners of GC (Grand Champion) BBQ at the Publix Shopping Center near the corners of Shallowford and Johnson Ferry Roads.  I think she is over the front counter.

Her husband and other owner (s?) went to chef schools and worked with or for local barbecue guru Sam Huff, of BBQ#1, as did other quality barbecue houses in Cobb County such as David Poe's and Righteous Q.

She always greets Anna and me with our  first names.  I hate to admit it but I cannot remember her name.  I have been told it several times but it is not an everyday name, she is from Peru I think.  

But I do remember it starts with C... Cerice?  Carjack?

And she always remember what was on or minds the last time we ate there.  Like she might ask how is the bathroom remodeling going or did we get the lights on the deck, or how did they solve the counter problem in the kitchen.  I told Anna when she sees parking she probably goes to her computer and pull up our names to see what was the last topic of conversation we had.

They also have a GC BBQ  at the Krog Market in Atlanta.  There they have smoked chicken salad but they don't have it here.
But, their barbecue pork and beef briskets are delicious.

By the way, we read they are the winner in this year's A TASTE OF MARIETTA.


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