Saturday, April 16, 2016

Checking out the JAMES BOND move SPECTRE

Yesterday we rented the latest  JAMES BOND movie SPECTRE. 

Man!  Was it good!  Before the credits James was responsible for tearing up almost a whole city block in Mexico City, jumped on a flying helicopter, kicked all the bad guys out in mid air (not without some good hand to hand combat).

Man!  Was it good!?

As soon as they got the fist action packed  scene out of the way, and the opening song and format screen credits and the duel came on that always opens the Bond movies  I knew I was James Bond.  My adrenalin rose with the music and I felt I could leap buildings in a single bound - wait!  Wrong hero.

After it was over and I was still trying to catch my breath I started thinking about the details.   Like all James Bond movies I can think of it had a countdown on a ticking time bomb with the heroine tied beside it.  It has some beautiful scenes of the Alps, like many Bond movies.  Like other Bond flicks for comic relief was Q who was the inventor for the British Spy 00 network.  In this movie I learned his title:  Quartermaster.  That makes sense.

As in the other movies the super brains villain was suave, witty, slightly effeminate, and had a fat long haired white cat.  However, here is one original twist.  James and the main bad guy were raised by the same grownups.  It almost was like Smothers Brothers plot of "Mama loved you more".

It was good.



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