Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dalton Tyson and Chuck Hunter

These are my cousins Robert Dalton Tyson and Chuck Hunter at a Hunter reunion.  Dalton is the older brother of Donald Tyson who was on this blog yesterday.  Dalton at one time owned the Past Time Grill (a pool hall) and another time or maybe the same time he owned Terminal Taxi Company, which he purchased from the Goddard family.  Terminal Taxi was located conveniently next to the Greyhound Bus Station and a rock's throw from the Past Time Grill.  He and Donald are the sons of Ed and Belle Kuykdendall Tyson.

Chuck, son of Dick and Jeannette Hunter, is a builder.  One time he started a contracting company named after his mother, father, and himself.

Dalton Tyson is the only relative I know of  that a contract was out on him at one time.  A person in prison put a contract out on him.  It was a jealous husband behind bars kind of thing.

Evidently, the contract was not carried out.  Dalton died of natural causes in 2000.

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