Friday, April 22, 2016

Allattona Pass

This is or was Allatoona Pass.   This picture was taken when our son Adam gave us a tour of Allatoona Lake.
 I suppose Allatoona Pass is below water level.  On October 5, 1864, there was a Civil War fight here, over control of the railroad.  Whoever controlled the railroad controlled the war, a distance probably over 25 miles.  I thought the curvature of the Earth would block their visuals, but apparently not.

When I learned my great grandfather William A. Hunter's unit, 139th N.C. Regiment, Company I, was one of the groups that fought there I perked up.  However, William could not have been involved, he got shot in the knee during the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain about four months earlier and he was then recuperating in a private home near Woodstock.

Interesting, in studying the fight I learned that Sherman's communications specialists  communicated from the top of Kennesaw Mountain and the top of the highest point at Allatoona Pass by light reflectors.



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