Monday, September 08, 2014

Woodstock Bluegrass Jamboree Sept 6, 2014

Changes will happen if you are human.  People  move on for various reasons, change is not always a good thing or bad thing.  

Speaking of change,  We have watched the Jot-Em-Boys since their days at the Acworth Opry.  The original band members brothers Cliff and Bob Twyman have seen band members come and go.  It is like the band is always reinventing itself.

A couple of months ago they lost the violinist/fiddler player Danny, he went back to college to continue his education and now they have lost Bob, the guitar player.  We found out Bob is involved in a couple of bands.  He does a band well.

The new man, I didn't catch his name,  said he was the spare tire. 

Dan Daniels Band and the Jot'Em Down Boys played Saturday night.  due to technical problems I was unable to put the Daniels band on the bog.


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