Friday, September 19, 2014

Talking about Trash

Yesterday the company that picks up our garbage and recycling did not pick up either one.  If one or the other wasn't picked up I would half-way understand.  It would have probably meant a truck broke down or was in a wreck or something that threw them off schedule.   Or if just our garbage  wasn't picked up I would think it was just an oversight, believe me, if you are invisible, you learn to accept such things.   But on our walk this morning I saw that the whole neighborhood was skipped.  I called the company this morning and a nice young  lady told me our pick-up day has been changed From Wednesday to Monday.  She said someone was suppose to call and tell us.  I think whoever was supposed to call  thought, "Why bother, they will call us".  

Page two - We emailed and complained and they said they would send a truck right out.  We wrote back  and reminded them the neighbors garbage also.  They came and they did not forget the neighbors' garbage but they forgot ours. 


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