Friday, September 05, 2014

To Douse Or Not To Douse With Catsup, That Is The Queston

Brandi and Brandi's World Famous Hotdogs

Today I went to Brandi's World Famous Hotdogs for lunch.  I had two hotdogs, both with chili and coleslaw.  The chili is a little spicy so catsup is a good complement to serve as a cooling agent.  The Varsity hotdogs, not very spicy, also taste better with a good douse of catsup.  And of course catsup on fries and onions rings is a must.

Today I happen to remember back in my Navy days our division petty officer's, or office manager's, wife, Lucy O invited us to dinner.  She conveniently invited us on a night that her husband would be on duty, so he would not be there.  This was all planned out in a bar in downtown Lakehurst, New Jersey, almost most next door to Lucy's and her husband's house.  In the bar Don bragged to Lucy what good spaghetti sauce he knew how to make.  Lucy challenged him and told us to come over, and she picked the night.

Lucy had a drinking problem, later that same year on New Years Eve they told her to get out because she was drunk and causing too much trouble.  Lucy said, "That is no way to treat a fucking lady!"  and picked up a pool ball off the pool table and threw it at the owner, which he ducked and it broke his stained glass window.  Lucy and we took off running.  Since she lived next door, they knew where to find her.
The evening of the dinner, we went by a grocery store and bought ever thing Don would need to cook spaghetti sauce, plus wine and beer.  We bought enough for about four people.

What we didn't realize, Lucy forgot to mention it is that she invited some of her drinking friends.  A big old thug of a man, his weathered wife, and a younger single woman.  They arrived drunk.  Don almost panicked.    He did what he could, made smaller servings and handed them out himself. 

The big drunk lug of a man was proud of his loud belches and his wife and lady friend thought it was funny.  Don gritted his teeth.

Then the big lug asked for some catsup.  Don hit the roof.  He told the whole group nobody asks for catsup - it was the worse insult one could possibly do to the cook.  I don't remember if he just told us that behind the lug's back or he gave the lug a piece of his mind.    I suspect he ranted to us in private, he wasn't dumb.

And  asking for catsup and it being the sauce of the people with common taste reminds me of another catsup adventure:   One time not long after we were married somehow we came upon a coupon to buy a meal and get one free at an Italian restaurant on Cheshire Bridge Road in Atlanta.  The owner/chef, when he learned he was cooking a meal for a buy and and get one free coupon  he made all kinds of sarcastic remarks.  When we were eating he dropped by the table and asked how did we enjoy the meal.  We told him it was very good....he added a little insult by asking, "Do you need any catsup?" 

I remember one time meeting friends at Steak and Ale.  We have been there several times and knew their Kensington Club steaks were delicious - such a tasteful marinade.  We recommended the Kensington Club.  They followed our recommendation and when they arrived the man requested catsup.  I thought to myself if I knew he was going to do that, I would recommend  a hamburger.
Then, this past week on THE TODAY SHOW they were discussing the pros and cons of asking for catsup in a restaurant that prides itself on its choice beef steaks.  Some  New York restaurants  now refuse to give catsup for people over 12 years old.

Brandi does not feel insulted at all if you want to put catsup on your hotdogs and hamburgers.



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