Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bell Center 25th Reunion, Sept 27, 2014, Still Pictures

Mark McGee, Rick Kendricks, & Terry Towsend

Monty Calhoun & John O'Dell

Unknown, Grady Smith, & Mickey Wilbur

Clarence Omar and Joyce Owens

Floyd and Sarah Freeze Polk

Gene Groover's '29 Chevy

Brothers Gene & Parks Groover

Larry Sparks

Grady Smith

George Wallace & Max King

Right Ann Thurmond

Vickie Crain

Henry Garmon

Marvlyln Bolding Long

Joyce Edwards  & Mark McGee

Joyce & Melvyn Denard and a piece of Sandy Ramsey

Horace Armfield

Robert Martin

John Martin, cousin to Robert Martin (above)

Faye Murner

Phyllis Murner

Calvin Wallace

Larry Miller & Melvyn Denard

Terry Townsend

Lee Moss

Diane Cooper Moss


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