Friday, September 19, 2014

The Bell Reunion, See Your Old Enemies

Vernon Dean. Back before I was a teenager in the summer time I went to the swimming pool and Larry Bell Park every day. Always hanging around outside the pool fenced in area was Vernon. There was a gang of kids there that always picked on a few of us and Vernon let the pack; he was the lead bully.

Once, he picked on my friend Frankie Hunter (no relation). Frank had a hot short temper. They had a fight on the slope behind the pool. Frank easily whipped Vernon. Being growing boys Frank and I had several scuffles together, and I always won. So! If I can whip Frankie and Frankie can whip Vernon, why was I taking shit off Vernon? The next day at outside the pool I stopped and stretched in front of Vernon who was sitting on the metal railing bars. My hands were fists. Vernon looked the other way. The next day, same thing. Our battle was over.

And now that we are grownups Vernon seems like a very nice guy. Bell Reunion, Saturday, Sept 27, noon. American Legion, food is part of the deal but you have to pay for your booze. And a message to you bullies: Us pickees do not forget, and might hold a grudge. 


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