Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I abhor braggarts!

Now, Ahem!, after saying that, let me tell you who called me tonight.  A New York Times reporter wanting to know my take on a reopening of Chumley's Restaurant  in New York City that my buddies and I frequented  when we were stationed nearby.  I mentioned  Chumley's in several blog posts so I think he was out for inside information.  Actually, when he told me he was with the New York Times and asked me about Chumley's I mistakenly thought he was  talking about the infamous Carey's Restaurant on the 41 here in Marietta.  After we talked a while about this and that, mostly about Asheville, North Carolina, I think he finally correctly concluded he was wasting his time, and politely wished me a good night. 

Easy come, easy go!


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