Sunday, September 28, 2014

Crumb and Tuba Skinny KEEP ON TRUCKING

Here is a link to an interview with with Robert Crumb, famous Underground Cartoonist, who lives in France now.  The interview is something like 63 minutes long.  My friend and fellow Tuba Skinny and comic-fan friend Joe Stewart passed it on to me and said he talks about old time blues and jazz and tells about  Tuba Skinny visiting him in France.

I am not that far along in it yet.  I have listened to 15 minutes, about a quarter of  it.  So for Robert Crumb has played a few old 78s of old blues  - very good!

But it is slightly over an hour long.  Who has time to sit in front of the computer for an hour to listen to it from stop to finish?  There is always something I need to be done, so I plan to do it in segments.  So, the whole purpose of this post is to provide me a quick convenient place to quickly jump back into it where I left off.

This is probably against FCC regulations.  


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