Monday, September 15, 2014

The Rogers of Roger's Ferry

This is a copy we have of Anna's ancestor on her mother's mother's side, William C. "Buck" Jones (1846-1944) and his mule crossing the Chattahoochee River on Rogers Ferry.  Buck was a successful farmer and large land owner in the Alpharetta - Milton area. 

I did not know until this past week where Roger's Ferry was.  I am reading the book  A NORTH GEORGIA JOURNAL OF HISTORY, Volume I, compiled by Olin Jackson, off and on of short history essays of families in north Georgia.

Many people have contributed articles to the books but the one this is about was written by the compiler Olin Jackson, The Cherokee Homes of John & William Rogers.  The jest of the article is that John and William Rogers were high ranking Cherokee Indians and operated Rogers Ferry.  They lived in what was known as the "Shakerag"  Community, which was across the Chattahoochee River from present day Suwanee, Georgia.   Nearer to town was McGinnis Ferry.  John and William endured the "Trail of Tears" and returned and somehow got their land back, which members of the family still live on it today (published in 1991).

Now I know.

I remember that another Cherokee Indian of high rank, John Ross owned Ross's Ferry in Rossville/Chattanooga area that was a step in the Cherokees' Trail of Tears.

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