Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Small World

This is Doug Quarrels. He and I were pallbearers the other day. As far as I know we have never met. After the last graveside words were said we introduced ourselves to each other. With nothing else to say I said my uncle Dick Hunter was buried near that spot. Doug seemed to have lit up and he repeated his name. 
"Did you know Dick Hunter?" I asked.
He said, " He was my uncle's brother."
"Who is your uncle?" I asked.
"Doug" Hunter " Doug said.
Doug Quarrels is Doug's Hunter's nephew via Doug's wife Lologene Turner. I think Lologene and his mother are sisters. I think he was probably named after Doug Hunter. If so, he and I both were named after Frank and Minnie Tyson Hunter 's children. Small World.

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