Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tuba Skinny - Crazy Blues

When I was in the Navy, after lights out at 10pm, some of us enjoyed listening to Jean Sheppard on the radio.  He talked endlessly of his childhood memories.  By the way, the movie CHRISTMAS STORY was written by him.  He talked endlessly but at times he ran out of things to talk about and then he would pull out his kazoo and play it.  Then,  I thought, "I could do that.", which is more or less what I do with this blog.  And when I get writer's cramps,  I pull out a SKINNY TUBA video from Youtube.  They are my Kazoo.

The band is inside this time instead of on Royal Street in the French Quarters.  And was made August 19, 2014, just several weeks ago.


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