Thursday, September 04, 2014

Buddy Darden, a Real Buddy

I am trying to recycle some of my pictures.... trying to get more mileage out of them.

Here is a picture of Lillian her husband and former congressman Buddy Darden leaving a party at the Trammell house on Trammell Street in Marietta a couple years ago. 

This evening we went to a memorial service for my first cousin Alice "Rusty" Sternagle. There were several speakers, most were siblings, but there was one state senator Steve Thompson and one former congressman, Buddy Darden. Alice did a lot of volunteering for the Democratic Party of Cobb County.

While Buddy was speaking I thought about the above picture and an event for the party. When we arrived it was raining. I let Anna out at the curb in front of the Trammell House and then I drove to a designated parking area around the corner on Wright Street. And the same was for Buddy and Lillian: He let her out at the curb in front of the house and he also drove to the designated area on right street. We arrived at the same time. Walking back to the Trammell House the rain had increased. Buddy, much taller than I, held his umbrella over my head as we walked and talked. When we arrived he was a little wet and I was dry. 

I don't think that happens often, a former congressman holding an umbrella for a commoner.


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