Saturday, September 06, 2014

Blog Fodder

Renea Winchester said she is a blog fodder.  I believe it.  All cameras were aimed her and her farmer friend  Billy Albertson (and the Billy's Billy goats - I couldn't resist that) today at her  new book signing, FRIENDS, AND FRIED BOLOGNA SANDWICHES.

Renea has written about  her rural memories and friends, which includes Billy again.  It also has a recipe section.
We have not read it yet, we just got it today, but we read her first book and think it will be good too.

The book signing was sort of an outside party on Billy's small farm just outside Roswell.  It was nice to hear only southern accents all around you.  It was an enjoyable event.  Billy seemed to be enjoying every minute of it and tickled pink he had that much company.

Below, are some random pictures I took with my camera  and iphone.  Enjoy the fodder.

click  on image to make it bigger and better.


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