Monday, September 30, 2013

Whole Hawg

Sunday we went to the WHOLE HAWG BBQ AND MUSIC FESTIVAL in downtown Marietta.

It was put on by the Marietta Museum of History.  They had a competition barbecue cook-off.  Those people are a different breed, they are out to win.  A trophy means everything.  It gives them bragging rights, which hopefully will cause people to flock to their barbecue restaurants.

They also had many booths of restaurants selling barbecue - trying to put their best foot forward, on in the this case their best rib, or butt.

In the park a more reserve type of music was being played.  When we walked up a east Cobb Junior high school was playing.  But, guess what?  You couldn't hear them.  A more country style rock and roll band at the corner of Mill Street and West Park Square was going full blast, drowning out the other band.  Somebody should have made some guild lines, saying one band can't play while the other band is playing...  I don't think it was meant to be a battle of the bands, only a battle of the porks.

The same thing has happened more than once, the band on top of the Strand Theater will play blaring music which certainly got my mind confused, trying to keep two sets of music being played in my head at the same time.

We shared sandwiches at three different places, and enjoyed them.  I would show you a picture of my face with barbecue sauce oozing form the corners of my mouth and trickling down my chin, but my tongue knows how to reroute the running sauce back to my mouth.

We watched the Big Chicken Chorus sing their whole 30 minutes.  Some of their 40s'ish music were very good.  Several years ago someone from their organization contracted me, or Chicken-fat, and wanted to discuss the possibility of me giving them plugs.  Maybe even run a blog for them.... it was a bunch of convoluted scattered brain emails and I think the person I was writing finally decided he was dealing with a nut and the correspondence stopped..

While listening to the music in the park we also watched people walk their dogs.  It is very enjoyable to watch dogs.  The are observant and want to do right.  One bad thing we saw was a blind couple, man and woman, I think she was totally blind and the man was weak-eyed.  I think they were mistreating their service-trained dog and didn't know it.  The dog was hot and panting.  The poor dog tried digging a hole in the cement for coolness.  They were paying no attention to the dog.  They were just standing there.  I think they were tired too, but didn't want to by accident sit in someone's lap.  We got up and told them they could sit were we were sitting.  They happily agreed.  The dog got to lie down in front of them as they sat and somehow she pulled out a bowl and poured water into it for the dog to lap up.  I wanted to give them thumbs up, but I think it would have been unnoticed.

We shared a BBQ sandwich.

Joe* & Sabre, owners of the Red-Eyed Mule..
*Thanks Robert.

We had a BBQ Pork Sundae here.A pork sundae is pork bbq chopped, bbq sauce, and coleslaw, in a cup.  The person that waited on me told me their restaurant is located on Main Street in Vinings. 

A treasure chest, Aarrgggg!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheers from the Big Chicken Chorus! Thanks for the shout out on your blog. We hope you enjoyed the music and the food!

- Jacob Simpson
Big Chicken Facebook Page Manager

6:11 AM  

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