Thursday, September 12, 2013

3 Barfing Lions

These three lions' heads are on a side of a building at Marietta Walk, facing the railway tracks.  About a dozen years ago I went downtown Marietta on Sunday mornings  and ran all over Marietta, including the side streets, alleys, cemeteries, and so on.
When I first came across these three faces I thought were unique.  The next time I intentlually brought my camera. and walla!  There you have it.

After studying the pictures  I saw that their chins were lighter than the rest of their heads.  Then, I realized they are rain spouts.  They have an opening on top of their head, which the rain lands in, rushes through, then out the mouth.  It must be a gruesome sight, three lions' heads looking at you vomiting clear liquid.



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