Monday, September 02, 2013

BBQ Street

We had lunch at Barbecue Street in Kennesaw the other day.  We haven't been to Barbecue Street in years.  When we were there last it was on Cherokee Street at the Giles Road, in a fork.  They always had a fire truck out front.  a road crew were putting down new tar on Cherokee Street and it was one lane bumper to bumper traffic  of cars out of sight.  It seemed that the men who controlled the traffic let the opposite cars travel more than they allowed our line.  We were decided to turn around when we got even with the next street in view, about a half block away, but then, we got to go all the way.  This had better be worth the trouble I thought.

Imagine our surprise when we got there, saw the fire truck but it was the only vehicle in the parking lot..  They were not there any longer.  We called them and they just moved directly across the street (on the Giles Road side) in the Kroger Shopping  Center.

The country decor of old signs and thing were nice.  The coleslaw was just coleslaw  finely chopped and  the Brunswick stew was as fine as if it was pureed in a blender, not the chunky type I was hoping for.

I ordered pork.  Most importantly, the meat appeared to be chopped, not pulled.  I might could have ordered pulled but that didn't occur to me.   My dining companion ordered a salad and they did not have a light salad dressing.  The waitress said they made their own salad dressing.  They also made their own BBQ sauces, which  they had three different types of bbq sauce on the each table.  That as a good thing.

On the menu they had several  catfish combos which I was tempted to get but didn't.  We asked the waitress did they sell a lot of catfish and she said yes, they furnished  their own catfish, they had their own pond..

They were pretty much self-sufficient.  I wonder if they raised their own hogs too?  Did they have their own chicken house?

Their barbecue pork plate was a all-you-can eat special.. When I finished the meat the waitress asked me would I like another serving.  No, it was a nice serving to start with.... no need to be hoggish.  

On the wall by the restrooms 



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