Saturday, September 07, 2013

Family Researchers: Find a Grave

The grave here is of my 1st cousin, 3 times removed of  Rev. John Henry Lance.  He was practically decapitated for preaching against moonshine.  He is buried in Old Salem Cemetery, Union County, Georgia., just a few miles from Vogel State Park.  I used his marker to get your attention.

I have hundreds, maybe thousands pictures of grave markers.  In the process of getting more mileage out of my pictures I decided to go onto the website Find a Grave and submit my pictures to their vast library.  I was surprised they already have a good many pictures of the same graves I was going to donate, so far.   I just started doing this.  I first chose Bascomb Methodist Church near Woodstock.  I have about 30 pictures of relatives' graves there.  Of the 30, they had already had about 24 pictures of the same graves.  I only donated 6, no need to duplicate what is already there.

I am posting this message to suggest, if you are into family research and genealogy visit  There is a good chance they have a picture of a grave that you are interested in.  And it would be nice if you have any pictures to contribute it would  make them even bigger and better, for research.  Of course, you may very well already be doing this and I am the Johnny-come-late announcing the biggie long after everybody else already knows it and utilizes it.   

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Blogger Angel M. Gonzales said...

This is a great project. A lot of people are interested in finding graves. Some are looking for their families and others are interested in helping other families find their loved ones' graves or simply because they are just interested in graves. This project is going to help out families who are long been looking for their deceased loved ones lost gravemarkers.

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