Thursday, September 05, 2013

Hooked on Home Buying TV

Lately, I have sat in doctors' waiting rooms countless of times watching the TV.  It seems they are getting away from the all news stations like FOX NEWS and CNN and going to all medical advic..  However, several doctors office are playing HGTV. 

I am now  hooked on HGTV. 

At first I found it only mildly interested.  But the  more I watched it the more I found it interesting.  You get to see unique homes and  study people in what they want in a house.  Some people are rude and demanding and want more than their budget allows.  In other words you are a voyeur in a couple's business of having to juggle things around and compromise and pitch hissy-fits.  And the good part about  it they don't seem aware a cameraman on your behalf is right in the middle of them.  You can see the joys of being invisible. 

I noticed some of the women clients or the wife part of a couple come off like a typical spoiled daddy's girl.  Well, they can't tell the real estate agent or the seller they will be extra cute for them.  Only money speaks.  Watch it!  Daddy's girl might whine  if she doesn't get her way!

I watched the agents show houses  all over the world, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Iceland, little one acre islands, Alaska, Atlanta, Smyrna, Woodstock Marietta,  and many more.  Property  is available almost anyplace if you have the money.

Like I said it is mildly interesting.   Not enough interesting that you are going down in flames if the agent or the buyer doesn't get their way.  So, because you have nothing to lose, you can watch them haggle all day.

Being that these home hunting wheeling and dealing videos are coming from all over the world, there is probably more than one person with a camera handling it all.  They had a few from the Atlanta area.  They probably have free lancers from all over.
Which brings me to a thought of a new  program very similar to the regular format they have now.  The buyer lets the seller or agent khow their "budget" is and then they start compromising.

The  different twist to this program is when a potential buyer gets extremely demanding  or fussy the seller will make faces behind  his or her face.  The agent will do things like put his fingers in his mouth and stretch his lips to a distorted  face.... or sometime just the old raspberry, and of course the potential buyer won't know about this unless he or she turns around quickly then the show will even get better - talk about reality TV!


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