Monday, September 09, 2013

Lecture about the Cherokee Indians at Smyrna Library

New Echota Cherokee Nation Central Government Building

We went to the Smyrna Library to attend  a lecture on the Cherokee Nation, the Removal of the Cherokee Indians to Oklahoma, which is commonly known at THE TRAIL OF TEARS.  That is a sad day for America.

We were ones of the first few there.  I was beginning to think not many were going to show up, but they slowly came in until it was full.  As people came in I noticed none had shorts on, except me, and all had their shirts tucked in except me.  That reminds me of a skit in a MAD comic book that the new ship's Captain was highly upset because an enlisted man did not have his shirt tucked into his pants.  And his division officer defended the man by saying, "Sir, how can he tuck his shirt into his pants if he is not wearing pants?"
Anyway,  at least four other people wandered in, one at a time, wearing shorts.  So, I ended up not feeling so odd.

The lady gave the lecture as a favor for someone, and started with scratch and did her own research.  I admire her for that.

They also had refreshments of water, Arizona Tea, macadamia and chocolate chip cookies, and little peanut butter stuffed pretzels puffs.

She didn't  say anything  I didn't know about the Cherokees.  However, when she said the Cherokee Nation's capital was at New Echota located in Calhoun County, Georgia, I almost chocked and spewed out a mixture of pretzel peanut butter puff bits, along with bits of a macadamia cookie, and Arizona Tea.   I wanted to correct her to tell her New Echota was in Gordon County, about ten miles from the town of Calhoun, not the County of Calhoun.  But I didn't.

She had more gumption than I would have.


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