Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2011 Bell Reunion Video

Some people thought I was plugging a reunion for the Bell Family, not the Bell Gang.  Watch this video and see if it looks like all those people are related.  The original name of this annual reunion was the Bell Gang Reunion.  Doesn't it look more like a gang more than a family?

Why would I make an open invitation to a family reunion?  Snort!

Now, back to business.  The Bell Reunion for 2013 will be this Saturday, September the 28th.  People will start drifting in about 9:30 or so, afraid they might miss something.  And it will last all day.  The blessing for the barbecue lunch will be at 2:00pm.  Be sure to be generous when it is time donate - the Bell Family will appreciate that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seeing the beginning shot of the video reminded me of something.

H. A. Hansen should pay everyone's way in, to make up for the lunch money he extorted from younger kids at MHS.

With interest, he'd still be ahead.

6:28 AM  

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