Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Judge Debra Bernes

I have been going through my pictures and sorting them to various sets on  FLICKR.  One group of pictures was of a tour we took of the Marietta Pilgrimage December about 2005 -2007.  

There were a few buses that shuttled paid visitors from one place to the another.  One the bus we rode.  Other than the bus driver there was usually a volunteer tour guide that would point out interesting historical facts between destinations.  

On one of the buses was this lady in the picture.  I came across this today.  It seemed that I remembered something about her in the news.  I zoomed in on her name tag, Debra Bernes.  I googled Debra Bernes  and found out she was a judge and she died July 10, 2010, of cancer.   I remember her on the bus pointing out historical facts being  a ball of fire, full of jubilant positive energy.  I'm sure when I learned of her death in 2010 I felt bad for her and her family, but how quickly we forgot.  

PS.  I posted the above on my facebook last week and  Jim Morris, who had watched her professionally, had this comment:

Jim Morris She strove to be the best at everything she did. She was brilliant, vivacious, beautiful, genuine, a devoted elected official, loving mother, and even bus docent. I'm not surprised you would remember even a brief acquaintance with her.



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