Thursday, September 19, 2013

Everything Has to be Someplace - the Rule of the Universe

I bought a new tarp several months ago.  I haven't used it yet, it is still in the plastic.  Today I was wondering where to put it and I decided to but it  in the storage space behind the seats in the truck.  Why in the storage space behind the truck's seats?  I answered, "Because everything has to be someplace."

True!  Have you heard of something that was no place?

Everything has to be someplace!  It is simple physics.  But, I haven't heard anybody actually say that.  I think I made a new discovery that no one else has thought of.

Remember the time we talked Einstein's Theory of Relativity?  In the whole theory, someplace it  is says "Matter or energy cannot be created or destroyed."  And I think we should add an amendment that  says "matter has to be someplace."   We will call it the Edwin T. Hunter, Jr. Amendment.

And also, do I get some kind of royalty checks  for this new insightful discovery? 


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