Monday, September 23, 2013

Hot Times at the Strand Theater

We went to the Strand Theater last night to attend the premiere off a movie about Kennesaw Mountain National Park.  It was a film about Kennesaw Mountain's role in the Civil War.  The name of it was something like KENNESAW, THE LAST MOUNTAIN..
Every ticket was sold.  There was organ music and harmonica music.  There were also speeches. ... and more speeches.

See the picture above of a birds eye view of the Strand's lobby?

Looking at the lobby I thought of back when I was a kid the concession stand was on the right as you walked in.  Which reminded me of the time I had some fireworks.  Fireworks were against the law.  My daddy was chief of the Marietta Police.  I did not tell him of the fireworks I possessed.

One day, when no one  was home except me,  I couldn't resist getting my fireworks out of my hiding place and look them over.  I shot a few fire crackers.  And, I lit a Roman Candle.  In broad daylight why would anyone light a roman candle?  I did and started shooting out a blaze of white-hot flames.  It burnt my hand terribly.  I was in agony.

But, Daddy being the chief of police prevented me from  seeking help.    I walked to the Strand Theater.  Inside, I bought a large Coke.  I submerged my right hand into the cup and watched the movie.  I think I sat through that movie more than twice.  I don't remember what the movie was and I doubt if I could tell you then either, I was in so much pain.  I told the girl selling concessions about my hand and how I needed to keep it in ice.  She told me to keep my cup and she would give me refills.

I don't know what chemicals Coca-Cola has in it, but I think its properties along with the ice got me through my ordeal.

My parents never knew.



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