Friday, September 20, 2013

The Old Fashion Way

At the new Woodstock Mall the other day Anna was in the market for a new watch.  We looked at watches at a couple of stores.  The first store  we went into that had watches had a watch display of many watches of many shapes and sizes.  A sign said their watches were 50% off.  I asked the salesman about the 50% off sign.  He said it is 50% off on the second watch you buy.  He went on to say there is an additional 25% if you do something, and then another 10% if you jump through another hoop.  I was tempted to ask to repeat that, not that I cared what the prices were, I just wanted to see if could remember all that again - which is sort of why people asked a certain carhop at the Yellow Jacket Drive-In near Tech to repeat the ice cream favors that had.

But, I like to buy watches the old fashion way:  A shady character jerks you in an alley as you walk buy and he asks you would you like to buy a $500 watch for $25, it just fell off the truck.  You say, you don't like that style and he pulls his arm shirt sleeve up and gives you a wider selection.  They just don't have alleys like that anymore in these fancy outlet malls.


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