Tuesday, September 24, 2013


We watched the movie THE COMPANY YOU KEEP.   It starred  and was directed by Robert Redford.  It is about a handful of men and women in their  late 60s and 70s who have respectful careers, such as lawyers, college professors, judges, and so who haven't seen each  other in years, yet they had something very important in common with each other.

They changed their names and were fugitives of the law, namely, the FBI.   In their youth they were organized left winged idealistic radicals.  The belonged to the same group, the weather underground. .   

One of their exploits went wrong and somebody was killed- this part was vague, or I nodded, I forgot which.  The FBI has been after them since.   The FBI wanted to catch them, even though it had been 50 years.... the FBI wanted them so badly, maybe not because of the death, but because they have been hunting them for 50 years a so.  They were a challenge.  A young news reporter was inexperienced enough to ask questions and look where the FBI didn't and flushed them all out.  That is about all you need to know.  I think it was fairly good.

It also starred Julie Christie, Susan Sarandon, Nick Nolte, Chris Cooper, Richard Jenkins,  Terrance Howard, Sam Elliott, and Jackie Evancho (her first movie).



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