Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This is my mother's sister, Georgette "Georgia" and her husband Cecil Grant.  They lived in Chattanooga and are now buried in West Hill Cemetery in Dalton.

Cecil only got one week a year vacation.  They would always spend it in Marietta.  They timed it so they would be here during the Southeastern Fair at Lakewood Park in Atlanta.  Cecil always went - alone.

Georgia had three sisters who lived in Marietta and while Cecil was at the Southeaster Fair she visited her sisters.  It usually ended in squabble.
Cecil had interests.  He built a shed behind their house and had a 16MM movie projector sat up and collected old western movies.  I think he also had an interest in  playing the mandolin - they had one of those in a closet (nosy me!).

Cecil was baldheaded.  One time when I was under 5 and they were in Marietta on their annual trip I asked him could I spin my top on his head.  I was serious, but the family cracked up hee-hawing.

The shed in the back was Cecil's end.  He was fixing the roof one day and his all metal hammer hit a nail that hit a live wire and electrocuted him instantly.



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