Saturday, August 17, 2013

Young Singles Interacting in 1936 and Homegrown Medicare

1936.  Left to right: First is my mother, Ethel America "Janie" Petty, behind her is her date, my father Ed Hunter; the next lady is Johnnie somebody; next is  Janie's sister Opal Petty;  the lady standing beside her is Lois Carter.  About two years after this picture Lois married a relative, Toy Moon.  I don't know who the other man is.

Apparently the big smoke stack in the back drop is at a Glover family  enterprise. 

Speaking of Glover Enterprises:  My father was probably working there at the time, and his father also.  Glover Machine Works had their own physician.  If any employee or their dependents needed a doctor, the Glover Machinery doctor would pay them a visit and probably in most cases fixed them up.   I think the medical treatment was all paid for.

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