Sunday, August 04, 2013

Willow Speaks

Hello Bob!

My master (master?  Yeah, right!) told me you asked about me last night at the Woodstock Jamboree.  He said something about you saying something about I haven't been on Chicken-Fat lately.
I wandered off the blog but popped up on the Master's facebook.

Well, here I am back!  I didn't know I would be missed.

My master may have told you that I may have Cushings Disease.  I have no idea what it is.  It means some kind some kind of cyst or tumor could be in my head and it is pressing the buttons to control distribution, such as sugars and all that.  Now, they have determined that my urine is diluted, therefore it is not dumping the toxins.   I say as long as I have a good smelly bone to gnaw on, who cares?  They will run tests tomorrow to determine just what I have. 

The master (give me a break) is taking me for an all day visit at the vet tomorrow.  Tonight I can't have anything  after 8:30 and fast for 12 hours, then they will run the tests.  I need to stash a few chipmunks in the bushes for in the morning when I go out to pee.





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