Monday, August 12, 2013

On this Date in History, August 12

On this date, August 12, 1851, Isaac Singer was granted patent for his sewing machine.

Paul E. Foster is on the far right.

Anna's grandfather,  her mother's father, Paul Everett Foster (1895 - 1936) was a Singer Sewing Machine man.  he sold Singer Sewing Machines and repaired them.  If someone had a problem with a Sewing Machine he would get his tool box and go to their house and repair it.  He also was a teacher.

Paul's wife Irene Jones Foster (1891-1991) was with her husband long  enough to learn how to repair Singer Sewing Machines.  When Paul died, at a relatively young age, Irene took over repairing  Singer Swing Machines, she had his tools, why not?

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