Thursday, August 22, 2013

Navy Pix Recycle c1964

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This is my friend Don.     See his black-eye.  He was proud of that.  He got floored by a Marine in the E. M. Club.  The whole base was snowed  in, couldn't go in and couldn't go out.  Everybody was stir crazy; Cabin fever.

There were a bunch of Marines dancing in their seats rocking to the jukebox music.  And, well, we mocked them.  A couple came over to the our table and wanted to know what was so funny.  Don used some $10 words to impress them and POW!  They were impressed OK.

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We visited my uncle in Carmel, New York, about 60 miles north of NYC, fairly often.  My uncle, William Petty was the director of the Clearpool Boys Camp that was financed by the Heinz Foundation.   The camp is for boys in NYC that might needed guidance.  There, in the wilderness camp were tee-pees, my cousins are there, and so am I standing partly behind the teepee wuth the feathers.


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