Thursday, August 15, 2013

Even Exchange!

As you know, if you read my blog, we went to a Bluegrass Jam Tuesday night in downtown Marietta.  When in downtown Marietta I try to take some pictures of my  old stomping grounds. 

Notice the below pictures.  They are of the top edge of what was the First National Bank Building.   The "1957" carved in Marble is confusing because I know the building was there in my childhood in the 1940s.  The other year "1888" carved in the stone makes more sense. 

Of course it is no longer the First National Bank Building.  It is the Goldstein Building, like most of the other buildings in downtown.

Which reminds me:

I told this before, so if you have read it, stop me. 

Once as a gift I received a nice raincoat.  It came from  Goldstein's Clothing Store.  It did not fit.  It was too small.

I carried it back to Goldstein's to exchange it.  Mr. Goldstein did not have my size.  He offered to swap other merchandize to even the exchange out.  He studied his shirt inventory and found one just right, a pair of pants, a tie, and a pack of undershirts.... all the time he worked the adding machine, each time he got something.  Each time he made sure I liked the potential exchange product before he moved on.  His adding machine showed he was still 25₵ short.  He had no item of clothing that would just cost a quarter.  But Wait!  He opened his cash registered and lifted the cash drawers and starting rummaging  for something, he knew what.  He found it!  It was a Wendy's coupon for  25₵!

Even exchange!

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