Sunday, August 25, 2013

Clay Homes Life from 1942 until 1948

Hello, I am Eddie Hunter, the little war refugee-looking kid in these old pictures.  The girl is my older sister Frances, the lady is my mother Janie Petty Hunter, and the man, who wore his policeman's uniform most the time, was my daddy, Ed Hunter.

We lived in the Clay Homes right after I was born a block away on Atlanta Street to about 1942 to 1948.  All the pictures are memories.  I didn't know we were poor until a teacher told a friend of mine.

There  is a theme believe it or not.  Bulldozing away 139 apartments for low income people to make way for a fancy office complex and a fancy apartment complex.  The last I heard they only had one renter for the apartment complex, that was over a year ago. tch tch.

The music is by New Orleans' Pete Fountain.


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